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Aim for the Head Podcast takes you deep into the storylines of AMC's "The Walking Dead" and "Fear of the Walking Dead". Hosts Julie and Dianna analyze the characters like an intervention on Thanksgiving Day - taking a machete and chopping into the emotional motivation behind each personality and offering a few choice insights of their own. If a zombie apocalypse is on your bucket list - you've found the perfect podcast. Sit back and let the infection take hold as you wake to a new reality.
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Aim for the Head Podcast - A Walking Dead Universe Podcast


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Jan 30, 2017

Julie and Dianna trade challenges for the first ever AFTH Podcast CHALLENGE. Julie challenged Dianna to watch Sense8. Dianna challenged Julie to watch LOST. Each host explains why they chose it and what they like about their series. The other host then talks about what they like and disliked and whether or not they'll watch the whole series. 

Jan 23, 2017

Stranger Things - the popular series about some weird goings on in Hawkins, Indiana in November 1983 - goes under the Julie and Dianna entertainment microscope. Both love the series, especially the amazing young actor performances. The two also point out the obvious references in the series to Steven Speilberg and George Lucas movies, like Star Wars, ET. 

By the way, neither Julie or Dianna are Valley Girls - no way, Jose. 



Jan 16, 2017

Julie and Dianna battle against sinus drainage and the deep-winter blahs in this episode of AIM - focusing on American Horror Story: Roanoke. They're talking about the returning cast, new cast, a return to the horror roots, and the show within a show. It is cold, cloudy in northern Illinois these days - but hey, who needs when the sun when I get my vitamin D from Julie and Dianna?


Jan 9, 2017

Julie and Dianna focus their supernatural powers on the last episode of the HBO series Westworld. They obviously loved the series - but what are their final thoughts? Please listen. 

Jan 2, 2017

The pilots aboard the AIM Starship launch into the next three episodes of the popular HBO series Westworld. Notice how the camera always looks up to Ed Harris? The guy is like really short, so what else do you do when he appears next to much taller actors?